Putting together an office space is not an easy task, there are thousands of factors to take into account such as location, lighting, and especially the furniture. 

Office furniture represents or is what really gives meaning to a work area. Within this furniture, the office chair is perhaps by far what causes us the most stress in choosing, but why? Simple answer: the paradox of choice. This basically means that having more options increases your confusion.

That leads us to our very first tip to choosing the most comfortable modern computer chair…

Limit your options when choosing your office chair

Studies say that while having many options seems appealing at first, in the long run, it can be very stressful. So in order to avoid this while acquiring your modern computer chair, try to make a list of up to 4 potential options.

Also! With only 4 options available you will considerably reduce your purchasing process, believe me, my friends and I have personally tried this tip and it reduced our process by 40%. 

Now, with this in mind, we can now jump to one of the most common questions when buying a modern computer chair… What to look for in an office chair?

Search for a comfy, ergonomic, and optimal structure chair

These are three keys that will lead you to the perfect comfortable modern office chair. See them as a kind of guide when don’t know what to look for in an office chair. Let’s see how to verify each of them.

We have put comfort as the first feature because if you are not satisfied, you will not use it, right? It’s like any other scenario, for example, when you visit a place if you don’t like the services or atmosphere, you just don’t want to go back, right? The same goes for the office layout. If you choose an impractical option, your brain can relate this feeling to the action of work, so choosing comfortable support is very important.

Now, how do you know if your option is comfortable? Well, usually the seat and back are what make an office chair comfortable. If you can, try to choose a seat that is padded with soft and resistant material, also try to choose a back with breathable mesh preferably.

You may not see this last material as very important the first time, but it really is! By using mesh you can avoid the accumulation of dirt/sweat that can lead to unpleasant odors. Also! When using another type of upholstery, it could peel and deteriorate quickly.

Now, regarding the ergonomic and optimal structure, both features go hand in hand. Ergonomic is what basically will keep us apart from back pain and optimal structure can make us more efficient.

So, how to know if an office chair can fit within these two features? The answer is simple! Lumbar support, adjustability, and swivel base.

An example of a model that fits the 3 key characteristics presented above is the right chairs. This piece not only has a breathable mesh but also has certified lumbar support, as well as an automatic postural adaptation system. This basically means that you adjust the degrees of incline and adapt the height to your liking.

Choose strong base materials

Materials such as aluminum will give you strong and long-lasting support. These materials are normally made to hold more weight than a plastic one can. Also! The materials with a metallic look are the ones that will give the modern touch to your office chair.