This is perhaps the type of article that many of us want to read before purchasing a product; a kind of summary that contains the materials, features, measures, and benefits that the product has to offer you.

With so many opinions on the internet about X or Y products, it is difficult to get lost or skew your perspective on the product, so going to its original source is always a good option.

In this article, you will find in a concise way the most relevant information about the right chairs.

The right chairs is an innovative chair that offers a high-tech mechanism at an affordable price. Besides being one of the most popular modern computer chairs, it is also eco-friendly. But what does this mean? 

An eco-friendly product is one that has a sustainable production process, in this process the minimum amount of materials is used; with the objective of respecting and trying to reduce the impact on our planet. The right chairs is specifically considered recycled plastic furniture.

That being said, let’s dive into the right chairs main features:

metal modern chair features in text

As you can see in the image, 6 of the most outstanding features that this modern office chair has to offer are clearly reflected. Let’s elaborate on the main ones.

First of all, the right chairs have a base (wheelbase and back spine) made entirely of ADC12 aluminum alloy. This name basically refers to a material currently widely used due to the properties that give it durability and hardness.

As for the seats, this is an office chair made of recycled fishing nets. This type of mesh is perfect for ergonomic chairs because it offers breathability and freshness.

the right chairs dimensions

Now, you may be wondering; is the right chairs resistant? Well, with the material we mentioned, it can be deduced that it is, right? But in case you have doubts, let’s talk about the manufacturing process.

This chair goes through an innovative manufacturing process in which reinforcing ribs are added to the wheelbase, this allows it to pass the static impact test BIFMA (1360 kg) and dynamic impact test (1150 kg).

The right chairs also offer you a benefit that perhaps not many people did not know they wanted or needed, or at least that is what most clients have said…

We are talking about the Control Shift hand levers, you can recognize them by watching the number 3 on the image above. This control shift allows you to configure its height and angle of inclination without the need of bending awkwardly or any other tool, quite useful right?

Last but not least to end this brief summary about the right chairs, the exclusive chair features a double layer class IV hydraulic system where SHS class IV hydraulic pistons, these are the preferred choice for all premium task chairs and have passed rigorous tests like BIFMA, SGS, and TÜV.

Plus! It has an additional layer of protection (by carburization) to further reinforce its long-term durability.

So there you have it, information on the materials, manufacturing process, and mechanism of the right chairs.

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